Stripes, Planckian Dissipation and Quantum supremacy

Zaanen Fest 17 & 18 July 2023


Location venue:
Kamerling Onnes Building, University Leiden
Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden

Monday, July 17

10:00 SawatzkyCoefficients of fractional parentage, self energies, spectral weights and ARPES in many body systems
10:30 AeppliMixing real & reciprocal space
10:50 RademakerCharge-transfer insulators in moiré materials
11:10 Break 
11:30 SachdevStripes, d-wave superconductivity, and quantum spin liquids
12:00 AbbamonteDe Gennes narrowing and structured liquid behavior in a strange metal
12:20 KrikunFaces of anisotropy in holographic models
12:40 Lunch 
13:45 ShenBogoliubov Quasiparticles on Gossamer Fermi Surface
14:15 KrugerCriticality of Dirac fermions in the presence of emergent gauge fields
14:35 HusseyStrange metallicity and high-Tc superconductivity
14:55 Break 
15:15 DobrosavljevicMetal-Insulator Quantum Criticality in TMD Moire Bilayers
15:45SlagerMulti-gap states and geometry
16:05 MeevasanaElectronic compressibility in oxides and application in energy storages
16:25 DevereauxPeople are strange, when you’re the Hubbard model

Tuesday, July 18

10:00KivelsonIntertwined orders and intertwined physicists
10:30LeeRIXS studies on infinite layer nickelate
10:50SunTopological modes and gravitational entanglement from accelerating observers
11:10 Break 
11:30VarmaFrom Zaanen, Sawatzky, Allen to “What needs to be tested for a complete theory of the Cuprates”
12:00BagrovThe hidden simplicity of complex many-body quantum sign structures
12:20JuricicGrain-boundary topological matter.
13:45BalatskyRectified Quantum Orders
14:15NussinovPlanckian Bounds
14:35CubrovicNew faces of chaos in strings and branes
14:55BreakConcerto – Phillip Phillips & Dirk van der Marel
15:35Mackenzie The high temperature Lorenz ratio in strange metals
16:05BozovicThe Cuprate Aenigma: Ten Questions to Jan & Friends
16:25 GrimbergNetwork interaction of finetics particles
16:45Phillips1/4 is the new 1/2:   Emergent Mottness at Quarter filling in the Haldane and KM/BHZ models

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